First Photograph


Photo taken by Victoria Nguyen.

This was the very first photo I took that made me realize that I wanted to be a photographer.

It is an action-shot image of my brother simply walking around.

The different complexities in color showed every kind of feel/emotion. The grays and blacks cast a gloomy darkness on the image, but the rays of light shining out of the bright sun displays a tranquil tone.

My family and I were vacationing at Big Bear and trying to find grocery items to make dinner in the city. We were awestruck by this amazing view: a mellow lake with the sunset gleaming onto the landscape.

I wonder, “Why didn’t I try this hobby earlier?”

As of now, I do photo-shoots for friends and take homecoming/prom photos for some customers while getting paid. It’s an exhilarating feeling to get paid while doing something you love.


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