Bestie Since Birth


This image was taken by Emily Hoang, Brittney Hoang’s sister.

“HAHA YOU’RE SO FUNNY! *sarcastically* HAHA!”

We were riding the monorail in Disneyland. As Emily was taking the photo, we were trying to do cute poses to represent our friendship and how we act around each other.

I remember how we stuck with each other during preschool, elementary, and intermediate school. I recollect the times where we would go to Disneyland at least once a week or how both of our families went to San Diego together. As we split off into different high schools, we had become a bit distant, but somehow still keep in touch through this hardship called life.

For the past 11 years, Brittney and I have filled our friendship with a vast amount of memories – both of us only being 16 years old.  Our bond is unlike no other, and it’s been delightful to have spent more than half of my life with her.




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