Discover The Unknown

Photo taken by Victoria Nguyen

Two summers ago, my family and I went to Yosemite and we happened to go through this rock “tunnel.” We stopped and took a picture of this creation made by nature.

I wonder: “How was this astonishing rock sculpture made?” Was the hole in the middle drilled out by humans or were the rocks just naturally tilted in that direction to make a hole in the middle?

All I could think of while looking at this figurine was of how this relates to decision making. It reminds me of how I could go search the unknown and, figuratively, go through a tunnel to try new things, or to just stay in my comfort zone. It’s interesting to think that a few “steps” could turn into totally different outcomes. It is like how if my mom didn’t sign me up for Catholic bible classes, I wouldn’t be as involved in the church as I am today; my life could have changed drastically.


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