Like It Was Barely Yesterday 

Photo taken by Victoria Nguyen

A photo of the 2015-2016 graduating year of FVHS.

My brother, Andrew Nguyen, was graduating. I felt so overwhelmed to see him stand in this ceremony. I remember when we were just little kids, bickering over little details, and now he’s here, moving on into the “real” world.

It feels like it was barely yesterday when we were both still in middle school and fooling around with friends; yet now, he has grown to become this mature, intelligent man that I dearly miss and love.

During the ceremony, I couldn’t help thinking about how I would be there in two years, graduating with my fellow peers, going on into the college experience. I miss not having to worry about so much, just having fun moments with my family. It’s so crazy how fast life moves on. One second, I’m at Chuck E. Cheese celebrating my birthday as a seven year old, and then all of a sudden I realize I’m already a junior in high school, two years away from college.


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