We Cannelloni Do So Much


Picture taken by Victoria Nguyen

My teammates and I went to go eat at StoneFire Grill. We ordered a mix of Pesto and Marinara pasta.

Grated cheese was sprinkled on top of the pasta that oozed with a delectable scent. The different variety of pasta was separated from each other, however.  The Pesto pasta stuck together like hydrogen bonds in a molecule of water. The Marinara pasta was isolated onto it’s own side; only some pastas would be in contact with each other.

This reminds me of society. Racism may separate people, but likewise to this dish, we are all the same despite what contrasts us – humans. We may have different characteristics, but we should all come together as one. There is good in the world, but cruelty may overrule the pure of heart; we are the ones making the world a scary place. We are only fighting ourselves.


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