Different View


Picture taken by Victoria Nguyen.

This is a photo of Thailand’s streets from a higher view.

It is incredible to see how man has created such exquisite structures. The roads curve in a sleek twist that makes it pleasant to the eye. The breathtaking view caught me by surprise as I was eating dinner on the 47th floor of a building.

Before eating dinner, my family and I went walking down the streets. Horrible, yet interesting sights surrounded us. Numerous amounts of homeless people walked around asking for change. Taxi drivers tried to lure us in by yelling at us. Smiles were nonexistent. It seemed as if everyone just lived to work.

Why me?

I don’t understand why I have this life of peace and happiness in the U.S.A., while people living in Asia just work to survive – from what I see. But, I will try my best to make worth of this life that I have and be more grateful for what I have, than what I don’t.


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