Pure Innocence


Photo taken by Julia DeDios.

These are some of my freshman friends. During the taking of this picture, I remember one of them saying, “Let’s put our tutus over her to cover her head!” They saw happiness in the littlest of things. Innocence sparkled all over their faces. I remember having that stress-free, lively attitude.

I wonder, “Will that stay this way, or change for the better/worse?”

When I look at them, I see faces of young ladies starting a difficult path in their high school career. It’s painful to know that they don’t realize what’s in store for them. I stand by to help guide them as they go on this treacherous path, but it hurts to know that I can’t help them in every situation possible. I hope that they will stick together, and not break apart like 80% of groups. It’s sad to see things like that happen when you see them perfectly joyful in this present day.

I only say any of this because it’s happened to me, as well as many of my friends. Some of my peers have chosen the wrong way to live their life, and it really sucks to see them go down that horrible slope.

It’s just enjoyable to see purity in people like them before pain and stress come in.


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