Queens of the Court


Photo taken by Perry Htay.

These girls make me feel complete. We were all apart of the same tennis team for the past 3 years, but this year, we have grown a stronger bond than ever before.

I remember all of us at Souplantation getting “triggered,” but keeping calm even though we were all quite furious. We are some sassy ladies together, but it’s only because we’re our true selves around one another. Somehow, we can relate really well with each other, and I feel as if that’s what keeps us close.

They lift me up when I am damaged, and rant with me when I am angry. We support each other through every situation, and laugh together at nonsensical things. They help me relax when I am depressed, yet are okay with listening to me when I talk nonstop. I never feel alone with them around.

It is saddening to hear that two of them (Clarissa Htay and Katie Ho) will be leaving this year; our squad won’t be the same. But I am utterly grateful for what we’ve created so far and can’t wait for the new memories to be made together. I love them.


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