Different Mindset 

Today, I went to Petco and saw this adorable hamster.

I haven’t wandered into Petco in the longest time and it was an interesting experience coming back.

Walking through the doors made me recall all of the great times I would run in as a child with excitement. I remember going through all of the cages and looking at every single animal there was. I remember always nagging my parents to buy me a fish or a hamster and repetitively asking them to take me to Petco. 

Now, I walk into Petco with a mind full of memories, but not the same me. I walked in with a calm face. Looking at caged animals made me feel upset that they were living in that enclosed environment with nowhere to roam. Growing older and wiser, I’ve learned to see things in a more realistic light, and the darkness behind the idea. I’m still overjoyed to see animals, but now I don’t see them in such an innocent mind as before. 


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