It Breaks My Heart 

I can’t believe it’s over. Three entire years slipped away, just like that. 

During FVHS’s 2016-2017 Girls tennis banquet yesterday, some of my fellow teammates and I surprised the seniors with a speech, video, and flowers. During my speech, tears began streaming down my face as I recollected all of our past memories. 

But specifically among these three girls, I cried my heart out. Even though Hanh (middle left) was in my grade and wasn’t leaving, I tried to say everything towards all three of them about our #squad. Our #squad was something I cherished more than anything. I always woke up everyday with a happy attitude knowing that these girls were by my side no matter what. We created a bond so close that I would’ve counted them as my sisters.

I just can’t believe that this is the last time we’re spending together as a team. It’s unbearable to believe that after basically spending every day together, I will not be seeing them much anymore – that idea just breaks my heart. 


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