It’s Complete Insanity


U.S. Suspends Construction on Part of North Dakota Pipeline – The New York Times // UPADHYE on September 9. 2016. Photo by Alyssa Schukar for the New York Times.

In Sandy Tolan’s article, Clashes, arrests and fears — North Dakota pipeline protest at a boiling point,” Native American activists are protesting against the destruction of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, where an oil pipeline may be built. 

Why are the police hurting the activists?

As I read through the article, I just thought that it was crazy for the police to begin harming the protesters when they were just trying to defend their home. In comparison, it’s like having someone trying to destroy the house I live in – I would want to defend my home, and nothing is going to stop me from it. It’s the place I grew up in, a place of refuge. The police just thinks they can barge into the Native American’s home and do whatever they want his them, and I just think that’s complete insanity.


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