To Be of Use 

On the 6th of January, there is a special holiday named the Three Kings’ Day celebrated amongst Mexicans. On the night before this day, children would traditionally place letters in a shoe asking for what they would like to receive as a present, and the kings would give them what they wanted. In a way, this day is a bit similar to Christmas. 

I was instructed to write my own letter for my Spanish class, classifying what I wanted for the Three Kings’ Day. 

A few days before, I didn’t do too well on my AP Chemistry quiz – this would lead to a drop in my overall grade. I was barely on clutch with an 80% and that quiz would wreck what my goals for the future were: to go to a UC – but it would be difficult to get accepted with a C on my transcript … especially during junior year of high school. I cried countless hours… and so it was time to write this letter.

I asked Gaspar (one of the three kings) to help me get good grades and no C’s. However in this tradition, you are supposed to ask for objects, things you can touch, but I was just too distraught about my bad grade. I asked for happiness among my family and friends, that my family would be safe and protected. I wanted everyone just to be joyful and not be stressed, but that would merely be a miracle. I knew I was asking for abstract things, not tangible.

I finally proclaimed, “Here. If there’s one thing I would really want, it would be money.” I wanted money so I could help people in need to have shelter, food, etc… I want the world to have a better, more cheery atmosphere. I want to help create a clean supply of water for children and families struggling in Africa, and all around the world. I say all of this out of true emotion and determination, none the less. I just want to help, and to be of use, but I can’t do much unless I get the education I need so I know how to execute this plan… and I’m just not doing great so far. 


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