Social Class


Photo by Sandra On.

In Lucinda Rosenfeld’s article “Notes on the Upper Muddle,” she talks about how people were just naturally segregated into their classes: lower, middle, upper.

As I was reading the article, I just thought, “Do FVHS students behave in this manner as well?”

My answer is no. From my experience of attending FVHS so far, I don’t think many students segregate themselves according to their social classes. I feel as if many students stay in a group that they have the most common interests with, like if they’re in the same age group, sport, academic class, etc…

I’m glad that most students aren’t susceptible to “whispering in the hall that so-and-so’s family was ‘on welfare’ ” (Rosenfeld). I’m glad that we’ve evolved from those situations and aren’t just sticking with each other because we’re in the same working class.


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