Ever since my teacher, Mr. Ziebarth, has encouraged my friends and I to broaden our horizons and write blog posts on specifically our thoughts, my mind has exploded with numerous ideas and questions. There was always so much to write about: my new-found admiration for photography, a comparison between pasta and society, or just mere appreciation posts for the ones I love the most.

From the beginning of this blog-writing journey and till now, I have always been exhilarated to blog because it is a way for me to release every little thing I think of. My blogs are a way of me expressing myself – a side that nobody really sees.

Out of all the blog posts I have written, I wrote the most on the SQUID element of “Investigate.” Investigating daily life situations or an overall circumstance helps me see different perspectives. On the other hand, “investigating” is also a sign that I’m just overthinking, which I often do. Throughout this journey, it is evident that I go into concrete and plain topics and somehow make them abstract with the use of my overthinking. I return to topics along the subjects of life, happiness, and my aspirations.

First of all, life is so abstract in such various ways. There is just so much to say about life: the good and the bad. Society has created such a deep, dark hole in all the purity we once had. There is so much that is wrong in this world, and I feel as if writing my concerns on this issue in a diary just isn’t enough.

Secondly, happiness is all that anyone ever wants in the end of the day. Money and intelligence, yes, can help you strive and be successful, but what’s a life without happiness? One can have all the riches in the world, but what’s so great about moping around in sadness.

Lastly, my aspirations are something I hide away from others. I don’t know why I do, but I just do it. In “To Be of Use,” I revealed my dream of being able to help those in need and to do something to change the world for the better. I have never EVER told ANYBODY about this desire, and writing that blog post and releasing it to the world, is one of the most daring things I have ever done. That dream was like a deep secret that I’ve never shared with anybody. I was so scared of what others would say:

“Oh, she’s only saying that to make herself look good, but she’s actually fake. She’s just being cliche.”


(^ haha look it’s my overthinking again)

But, finally expressing what I’ve always wanted to say really helped me grow as a person. People actually read the post and liked it, and didn’t say anything rude about it. They respected my thoughts and appreciated it.

Out of all the journal entries, that post has to be my favorite. It fully defines who I really want to be now, and in the future : someone who is caring, loving, and willing to make a change in the world.

As life moves forward, I can’t wait to encounter situations where I can blog more on life, love, memories, and mayhem. The adventure has only begun.






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