Crazy Tracy


Photo taken by stranger at Huntington Beach.

About a month ago, I went to Huntington Beach with my friends – Austin (left), Tracy (middle right), and Timmy (right).

As we were walking down the pier, we saw a pelican simply just sitting down on the rail. The sun glazed its lustrous beaks as passerby’s eyes glimpsed its luscious wings.

We were all so amazed by its beauty. A pelican its size was just so unbelievable. Out of nowhere, Tracy came up with the spontaneous idea of trying to pet the bird.

I could just remember the moment: she crept up… it slowly turned its head. As she came closer and closer… BAM!!!!!! It flapped its wings and she sprinted away as quickly as a train.

I just thought that it was so funny. I asked myself,

“Why would she do that?”

But it was really funny and I’m glad I was able to share that hilarious memory with them.


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