Love Lauren

This is my friend Lauren. 

I’ve known Lauren since 2004, and we’ve created a loving bond ever since. 

Before our high school years, we would constantly hang out every weekend. Photoshoots would always take place with our wonderful photographer, her dad’s wife/ my aunt. Sleepovers were always spontaneous and fun – they teached me independence and helped me earn a greater sense of responsibility.

However, during freshman and sophomore year of high school, we slowly strayed away. Life got more complicated and free time was rare. It was difficult for me to understand that there should be a time for friends, and a time for family. 

Going on into junior year, I’ve faced crazy circumstances that have changed my life forever. My family and I established a relationship far more than just “close.” Lauren and I found a connection unlike no other. 

Now, I get to see Lauren almost every week, and we have become best friends. She is my rock, and my heart. I just couldn’t imagine what my life would be without her. Overall, I’m so glad I was able to watch her grow throughout her years and bloom into the admirable woman she is today. 


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