In Jonno Revanche’s “I read zines to escape surveillance and clickbait. It’s the new teen rebellion,” there is the topic of escaping security from parents, the internet, etc…

This article was definitely an eye opener. When I was first introduced to zines, I just saw them as mini magazines, nothing extra special. But, apparently it’s more than that.

Jonno says, “There’s a liberty to creating, or witnessing subversive material knowing that it won’t be monitored, that the information is contained only within the pages of the zine.” 

Reading that line made me ponder that many of the things I do are really monitored/watched by some person. Like when I go outside, there’s always somebody there watching me do something. Or when I’m on my phone at school using the school’s wifi, the district can see what I’m looking up. It’s actually kind of scary to know that that’s happening. 


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